Saturday, April 7, 2018

Good morning Gourd Friends,
Thinking about Spring and the Three Sister's Garden at Ganondagan (G): wanting to grow, Hard-shell, Bottle or Dipper gourds which are not Cucurbita, but family relatives in the species Lagenaria siceraria, which is assumed to be native to Africa, but spread to tropical Asia and the Americas in prehistoric times. I ended up having a few questions about. I'm looking for an answer to this: Will gourds, squash, melons and cucumbers cross? if yes, is there a safe distance to plant apart? I have some go to women, Dr. Jane Mt. Pleasant, Tuscarora working at Cornell University and Angela Ferguson, Onondaga, doing some massive seed saving and Haudenosaunee traditional Gardening; both for many years now.
Also, Rowen White Director at Sierra Seed Cooperative, National Project Coordinator at Indigenous Seed keepers Network, Manages Indigenous Seed keepers Network. She Lives in North San Juan, California and has a FB Following of 1,215 friends and like-minded people! So, Via Facebook, I had the following is a conversation with Rowen, in which she answers my question of crossbreeding.
Rowen White Certain gourds (the mini ornamental gourds) and only the Cucurbita pepo varieties will cross (pumpkins and zucchini's.) but this canteen gourd (genus Lagenaria) will not cross with any of these squashes. You should be safe to plant them in close proximity.
Tonia Loran-Galban Niaweh!!!!
Rowen White Tonia Loran-Galban I love growing those types of gourds and making crafts with them. Happy planting!

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