Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Botanical Medicine Certificate Program - Part II

Butterflyweed (Asclepias tuberosa)
Many people this time of the year have New Year's resolutions that focus on improving their health and well-being in the upcoming year. Perhaps the upcoming herbal medicine course taught by our friend Dr. Les Moore will help you to meet your resolutions!

Please contact Classical Formulas for more information or to register!


Botanical Medicine Certificate Program
Medical Herbalism Part II
January 12 – February 9th, 2012  

This Course is the second in a series of three herbal study programs to be offered at Clifton Springs Hospital through the Integrative Medicine department, The Botanical Medicine Institute, and Classical Formulas. While each series has a similar format, they will contain different information. These classes are appropriate for health care providers, people employed in health related businesses or anyone interested in Herbalism.
Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis)

Dr. Moore and herbalists from Classical Formulas Herbal Medicinary will instruct these classes.  Dr. Moore has a life-long interest and extensive education in the field of Herbalism, both Western and Eastern.

You may register for the whole series or at the beginning of each class.  Students may begin ANY series at ANY time with no prerequisites of the previous series. Each series is a stand-alone module.  Students completing all three of the series (Parts I, II & III) will receive a certificate upon course completion.  To be certain you have a place in class please register early, as class size is limited.
Holy Basil (Tulsi or Ocimum sanctum)

Tuition is $120 or $25 per class. Contact Classical Formulas for Registration at 315-462-0190 by January 11th.

PLEASE NOTE: All classes are held on Thursdays at Clifton Springs Hospital from 6:30-8:30 pm with the exception of the herb walk on Saturday January 28th, 2012 held at Lamberton Conservatory at 10:00am.

Course Descriptions

Rose - "Alba" (Rosa rugosa)
Class 1 – Botanical Medicine/Single Herbs–January 12th, 2012
Learn about herbs and homeopathy used for stress, immune stimulation and for combating specifically colds and influenza. Will also cover single herbs from traditional Indian medicine, (Ayurvedic Medicine).

Class 2 – Herbal Medicine Making – January 19th, 2012
Learn how herbs are used to create various herbal therapeutics.  Participate in some hands on preparation of herbal formulas.

Class 3 – Herb Pairs/Drug Interaction – January 26th, 2012
This class will focus on paired herbs that are therapeutic for specific conditions.  Information on interactions that can occur between medicines and herbs will also be discussed as well as herbal dosages for children. Will also cover Tibetan herbal medicine.
Osage Orange Maclura pomifera

Class 4 – Plant Identification/Herb Walk – January 28th, 2012
This class will be a 3+ hour walk to identify plants in the Lamberton Conservatory located in Highland Park.  This is essentially a green house so the temperature will be comfortable without a heavy jacket.  There will also be an additional $3 fee per person for admission to the conservatory, $2 for anyone under 18.

Class 5 – Herbal Formulas/Modifications – February 2nd, 2012
This class will focus on herbal formulas and how the herbs in each formulas work on the body and how they can be modified to fit a specific condition or person.  Discussion of how the pulse and tongue can be used to diagnose a condition.  Will also cover Ayurvedic herbal formulas.

Class 6 – Homeopathy and First Aid – February 9th, 2012
Learn how homeopathic remedies are used for first aid, and many other conditions.  Will also cover first aid from Ayurvedic medicine.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Welcome the Return of the Sun

Late Fall Sunrise
The Winter Solstice will visit us in the Northern Hemisphere on December 22 at 12:30 am (EST). The Winter Solstice marks the shortest day and longest night in our planet's yearly trip about the Sun. After the 22nd, our days will again lengthen and stretch. Like so many other people, I welcome and celebrate the return of the light!

On most Solstices, I like to share an article here on the solar cycle and how you might mark the specialness of the day in your own way. While the Equinoxes are just as important of a milestone in the solar cycle, they don't pull me in the same way as the Summer and Winter Solstices do. I suspect it is because the Summer and Winter Solstices are so opposite from each other. Light and dark. Warm and cold. Verdant, alive and brown, barren. 

On December 22, the Sun will rise at Ganondagan at 7:40 am (EST). It is an easy time to be up - many are up for work and school already. Look to the east, greet the rising Sun. Give your thanks for the blessing of life that the Sun's rays and warmth bring to you and all life on Earth. (The sunrise time may vary depending upon your location so check local listings.)

May the Sun's rays fill and warm your heart always. 

-kim a gift for you to help you celebrate the return of the Sun, I have created an article on our website. It is about winter sowing seeds - seed starting in the cold of winter. The Winter Solstice is a perfect time to start winter sowing!

Many of our most beautiful and rare native plants respond well to this seed-starting technique. May you try it and dream about the wonderful warm days of summer filled with dancing butterflies and flowers!