Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Husking Bee at Tuscarora, by Allison Joseph

I’m so glad I could make it to the Tuscarora Husking Bee!

I had a great time working together with everyone there, husking and braiding the white corn (or in my case, assisting the braiding process).

The floor of the barn started out covered in corn, and together we managed to clear it- of course there was another truckload to be husked and braided, but it was nothing we couldn’t handle.

Thanks to the husking bee, I improved my husking skills with the help of our Tuscarora friends. And I can’t get by without mentioning the food. There was white corn soup, venison stew, pie, cake, and my new favorite, fried bread. But what was even better than the food, (and there’s really only one thing better than food), was the sense of community felt and shared by everyone there, young and old.

This was my second husking bee, and like last year, I delighted in meeting new people and working hard together.

If you missed the Tuscarora Husking Bee, make sure you come to the Husking Bee at the Iroquois White Corn project. So much corn will be delivered from Tuscarora that the Husking Bee will take place over two (2) days, November 1st and November 2nd, at the Iroquois White Corn Project Farmhouse (7191 County Road 41).

Register for either day, or both by emailing or by calling (585) 742-1361.

We will be husking and braiding the corn, and, of course, sharing lunch together. Hope to see you there!