Thursday, March 8, 2012

Directions from Arts Center to Medaille Formal Lounge

When entering in through the Arts Center main entrance, take the first flight of stairs you see.
From there, walk forward until you reach the Art Gallery sign and take a left.
Keep walking forward until the end of the corridor, then turn left and go down the corridor and leave through the door that leads outside.
Proceed forward until there is a split in the sidewalks, take a left (the middle path) not the sharp right and you should see a line of large buildings. These are the residence halls.
The first building that is closest to you should have a sign in the front indicating it is Medaille.
Go in the first entrance of Medaille and go up to the first floor.
Go through the doors and the Medaille formal lounge should be on your left.
The doors should be open during event time.

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