Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Signs of Spring

As the grip of Winter passes, we cheer ourselves by looking for signs of Spring. Currently on the trails at Ganondagan...

  • Coltsfoot is blooming their somewhat dandelion like flowers.
  • The skunk cabbages have moved past their very alien-looking flowers to their rather attractive, yet pungent foliage. 
  •  The willows have moved past the fuzzy soft catkins of the "pussy willow" and into the next flowering stage. (See the picture to the right.)
  •  Maples are blooming. 
  • The earliest  "spring ephemerals," like trillium, are just starting to appear.
  • And bird song fills the air!

What signs of Spring are showing at your place?


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  1. A big ol' woodchuck was in my yard- looking for my parsley and mint

    Daffodils are in bloom

    grass is much greener


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