Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Two Ganondagan Events with Amy Stewart & Jan Longboat

This weekend Ganondagan will be hosting two events that feature Amy Stewart, the best-selling author of Wicked Plants: The Weed that Killed Lincoln's Mother & Other Botanical Atrocities and Jan Kahehti:io Longboat, Mohawk Elder and Keeper of Earth Healing Herb Gardens and Retreat Centre at Six Nation.

Our "Wild & Wicked Dinner" is the first event and it is friday night October 1 from 6-9pm. The dinner will be will held be an intimate setting in a beautiful private home in Mendon, NY and will feature a delicious night of wicked, wild, and powerful plants where you will get an opportunity to meet both Amy and Jan as well as dine on sumptuous dishes featuring foods native to the Americas. The evening will also feature a  book-signing with Ms. Stewart.

The second event, The Good, the Bad and the Powerful: Native Plants and Healing Seminar, is the next day on Saturday October 2. It will feature discussions by both Amy Stewart and Jan Longboat on the plants used for healing as well as those plants that can kill us - and sometimes a killer and a healer exists in the same plant. Come learn about our powerful green neighbors. Amy will also be on hand for a book signing.

Please see our "Wild & Wicked Dinner" webpage for videos of both Amy and Jan. They are very enjoyable and you will surely not want to miss these events! But if you do not hurry you will miss out. Registration for both events close Wednesday 9/29! Call to register or register on-line!


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