Thursday, February 25, 2010

Save Ganondagan!

Dear Friends,

As many of you may have heard, Governor Paterson has made serious cuts to New York State's parks budget, closing or reducing services to 57 parks in New York State. Although Ganondagan has been removed from the "cut list," funding is now slated to be handled by the Environmental Protection Fund and must be approved by legislature, which puts our funding at serious risk.

If funding is cut or Ganondagan is closed - even for one year - it could irreparably damage the land, the buildings and the programming, obliterating the 23 years that have gone into creating this national treasure.

We are asking for your help in making legislators and the Governor understand why Ganondagan must be preserved, now and in perpetuity. At our website, we give links making it easy for you to click on the link, find your representatives and send an email.

Ganondagan is many things to many people, and by sharing what Ganondagan means to you, the legislators will realize the many ways in which Ganondagan contributes to the state, the community and its people. In case you've got writer's block, we've drafted a letter with several paragraphs from which you might select two or three to cut and paste or to use as inspiration in your communications with legislators.

The Iroquois people have a philosophy called "The Seventh Generation," traditionally applied to environmental concerns, that all decisions, all actions, must be regarded in terms of how they will impact those living seven generations in the future.

Please go today to the links listed on our website, before it is too late, to make your voice heard, taking action to protect Ganondagan for at least seven generations, for your grandchildren and your grandchildren's grandchildren.

Nya:weh (thank you)!

PS. - Be sure to visit our website to see a wonderful slide show showcasing many of the things that would vanish if Ganondagan closed its doors. See the show at:

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