Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Pages & Resources

We've got a number of new resources for our members and friends. First, there is a FaceBook page for Ganondagan. Second, there is a new Twitter page as well. Go check these very cool pages out at:

Ganondagan FaceBook Page

Ganondagan Twitter Page

We've also set up a page for our Annual Native American Dance & Music Festival. The festival will take place this year on Saturday 7/25 and Sunday 7/26. There are many traditional artisans and performers already booked for the festival. Please check out our new page for full details:

Native American Dance & Music Festival

Finally, don't forget that the Ganondagan State Historic Site opens for the season on May 1st! This time of the year is a perfect time to do some trail walking to see the beautiful Spring wildflowers. Spring ephemerals are especially something not to be missed. They are perennial spring blooming plants that have a very short cycle in which they bloom and go back into a dormancy until next season. Trillium, bloodroot, hepatica (seen to the right), and others are special sights that if you hesitate, you will miss! Look for them and others along the site's trails. Enjoy!


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